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Are you curious to try the Manna or Badda beans? Typical products, restaurants, agritourisms and more…

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Petralia Salt

In Petralia Sottana, in Raffo Fraction,is located the one of Europe richest salt deposits, enclosed in a salt lens inside the heart of the mountain at 1100 meters above sea level. The salt field, 250 meters thick and 2 km² large, contains salt with a purity of sodium chloride equal to 99.9%. It is assumed […]

Scillato Blonde Orange

The Scillato Blonde Orange is a navel orange variety distinguished in three typologies: Washington Navel, Nareline and Navelate. With the terminology navel orange are indicated those orange varieties which have a “twin fruit” inside their peel, located in the place of the petiole. In Scillato area these varieties have ideal conditions and thanks to the […]

Sfoglio of the Madonie

Those who try it, they buy it! The sfoglio delle Madonie is our Park most typical dessert and has over four hundred years of history. It is a pastry filled with Tuma (alpine cheese), pumpkin, egg, chocolate, sugar and cinnamon, baked and served cold. The sfoglio delle Madonie is mainly produced in Polizzi Generosa, Petralia […]

Manna of the Madonie

The ash begins to produce the manna at an age between 6-8 years, but not all plants come into production at the same age and in the same period. The maturation in fact, depends on a few factors: besides the variety, also the soil nature, exposure and altitude are important. The productive season starts depending […]

Provola delle Madonie – Caciocavallo

This Provola is a little more squashed and bellied than its cousin, the not very distant Nebrodi Provola, and it is produced in one of the richest in biodiversity areas in Italy: the Madonie. A mountainous land overlooking the sea: from its heights the sight ranges from Etna, to Nebrodi mountain chain and the Aeolian […]

Badda Beans

The small treasure of Madionie food traditions. For more than two centuries in Polizzi Generosa gardens, inside the Madonie Natural Park, grows a small-medium rounded bean, called in dialect “badda”, which means ball. It’s a bean uniquely coloured with two tones, with a clear division between the two distinct colours which may be ivory with […]

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