Area Attrezzata – Santa FocĂ  – Castelbuono

Area Attrezzata - Santa FocĂ  - Castelbuono

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Area Attrezzata - Santa FocĂ  - Castelbuono

This picnic area located on a flat area, where can be found benches, fireplaces, wooden tables, a swing, a small lake, some drinking fountains, an old restored watering place, a small rural building for toilet and a "pagliaro" (a thatched hut) built on the remains of a pre-existent building. Black pines, elms, poplars, willows, oaks and other tree species are the "green roof" of this area nicely inserted in the environment. The lawn is made of perennial herbs which gave to the soil the appearance of an English style lawn. The noble forest which surrounds the area confers to the whole environment a peculiar charm. The area extends for three hectares and can be said that represent the Parco delle Madonie heart, a unique environment in Sicily, which contributed to the development of island natural sciences. From this place start many excursions to Piano Pomo, Piano Sempria and to all the rest of Madonie territory. How to reach the area: From Castelbuono follow the signs for Milocca. After 7 km you will find a crossroad - Case Liccia - take the left street, despite the sign "access denied". After 800 meters, the road is at first paved then a dirt road, on the left you will find the Picnic Area.

Services available:
Toilet: 2
Accessible toilet: 1
Oven/Stove: 16
Emergency exits: YES
Tables: 10
Non-drinking water supply: 1
There are no architectural barriers

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