Cefalù – Madonie – Himera

Savor every valley and high peak, immerse yourself in green forests and ancient ruins, listen to the sea alongside high cliffs and get soothed by the millennial hospitality: live intensely!

In the land that combines sea, mountains and culture you will find the beaches and crystal clear waters of Cefalù and Campofelice, culture enclosed in the medieval villages of Gangi and Castelbuono or in the ancient Greek colony of Himera, the pristine nature of the Madonie Park, mountain trails to be explored on foot, by bike or even on skis, Gorges of Tiberius, the culinary peculiarities such as the manna made from the ash tree…a world of colors, flavors, sounds and fragrances of Sicily like you’ve never seen it before.



Natural cliffs, sandy and pebbly beaches, private beaches or long shores, even windy areas and deep waters a few steps from the shore, ideal for surfing. In just 20 km of shores, the sea is perfect for every taste.
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Among the highest mountains in Sicily, you will find trails shaded by fir trees from the Ice Age, rivers that flow through rock walls, lakes inside valleys and breathtaking views.



Small pearls of medieval architecture like Pollina, Isnello or the Greek settlement of Himera, are just the beginning of a journey through towns, folklore, gastronomy, painting, sculpture and architecture.
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