Distretto Turistico

Useful numbers

If necessary, you can call the national emergency phone numbers:

  • In case of a medical emergency, please call 118
  • If you see a wildfire, signs of a gas leak or people in danger, please call 115 (Fire Brigade)
  • In case of an environmental emergency (fires, endangered animals, poaching…), call 1515 (State Forestry Corps)
  • To request police intervention, call 112 (Police) or 113 (Police State)
  • In case of emergency or accidents at sea, call 1530 (Corps of the Harbour – Coast Guard)
  • If you need roadside assistance, call 803 116

Useful local telephone numbers:

  • Forestry of Sicily 091 540304
  • C.A.I. Sicilia 091 6118805
  • Legambiente Sicilia 091 301663

You are in the park or along a trail, and are you in trouble?

  • Before calling for help, try to establish your most probable position, in order to facilitate rescue efforts.
  • Provide rescuers with your phone number and your personal details, so you will be contacted if the line is cut off.
  • Try to explain exactly what is the emergency, how and when it happened. Answer the rescuers’ questions and follow their instructions.
  • If you have a wounded comrade, do not try to move him/her, but make sure he/she stays safe and dry. Avoid leaving the wounded alone.
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