Distretto Turistico


Madonie area and coastal surroundings are characterized by a pleasant Mediterranean climate, rather mild and temperate. Temperatures vary with the distance from the sea, exposure to prevailing winds and altitude.


The coast
The coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate: mild winters with maximum temperatures of 15 °C and absent periods of frost and snow, very hot summers with low humidity.

Mountain areas
Inland areas, especially those with higher latitudes, have a more continental or mountainous climate. The daily and seasonal temperature range is higher, temperatures are more rigid in winter and cooler in summer. Winter frosts and snowfalls are common and temperatures drop well below 0 °C.


Predominant winds are the Mistral and Scirocco, but the Libeccio (in spring and autumn) and Tramontana (in winter) are also frequent. The latter winter winds are responsible for heavy rainfalls and lowering temperatures. Instead the Scirocco, which is more frequent in spring and summer, causes sudden warming, with skies often reddened by the presence of dust from Africa.

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