Area Attrezzata – Pianetti – Cefalù

Area Attrezzata - Pianetti - Cefalù

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Area Attrezzata - Pianetti - Cefalù

The forest surrounds this small picnic area, which with its beauty almost represent the forest anteroom. The very suggestive surrounding landscape is made up mostly by downies and many wild pears. The area is very frequented by tourists, trippers and hikers, because of its accessibility but mostly because it offers the possibility to breathe clean air. From Pianetti is possible to start some excursions inside the surrounding forest, to Pizzo Sant'Angelo, Gibilmanna and enjoy during appropriate seasons the mushroom and berries collection.

How reach the area: From Gratteri follow the street going to Gibilmanna. After around 5 km, you will reach a crossing with an indication to contrada Pianetti-Piano delle Fate and a street sign indicating the direction to Isnello, Castelbuono, Collesano and Cefalú



Cooking spots: 8

Emergency Exits: Yes

Tables: 21

Non-potable water sources: 2

No Architectural Barriers

Flora and fauna
Landscapes and Geology
Relax and well-being
Recommended seasons
Autumn | Spring | Summer

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