603 – Sentiero Ferla – Bivio Pianetti

603 - Sentiero Ferla - Bivio Pianetti

603 - Sentiero Ferla - Bivio Pianetti

The trail starts from Pianetti di Cefalu picnic area near Pizzo Sant'Angelo, where the fresh air and the presence of on the broad grove of cork oaks and holm oaks encourages you to take a short walk to the summit of Pizzo Sant'Angelo at an altitude of 1080 meters.
In this place, on clear days, the line of sight reaches the sea along the wild plum trees, pear trees, and islands, populated by plants such as heathers, mastic trees, green and red arbutus shrubs.

Venturing into the path leading to the church Chiesetta della Ferla, on the homonymous street that brings you to Cefal├╣, you can enjoy the view of the whole valley dotted at irregular intervals by forests, fields and ponds.
The route runs along a thick forest to the right and then come to a more open and anthropized area until the church that marks the end of the path.

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Points along the trail
Area Attrezzata - Pianetti - Cefal├╣
The forest surrounds this small picnic area, which with its beauty almost represent the forest...
Santuario Maria SS. di Gibilmanna
The Sanctuary of Maria SS. di Gibilmanna is 15 km away from Cefal├║, in Gibilmanna...
Trail lenght: 7 Km and 243 meters
Journey time: 4 Hours
Return Journey time: 3 Hours
Trailhead elevation: 823 m/slm
End of the trail elevation: 340 m/slm
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer
Difficulty: T

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