Santuario Maria SS. di Gibilmanna

Santuario Maria SS. di Gibilmanna

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Santuario Maria SS. di Gibilmanna

The Sanctuary of Maria SS. di Gibilmanna is 15 km away from Cefalú, in Gibilmanna county at Pizzo Sant'Angelo slopes 800 mt. high. The sanctuary is surrounded by nature in a peaceful and spiritually restoring place, reason why it is very often a destination for pilgrims and tourists. The first church was built in the 6th century and was destroyed in the 11th century by the Arabs. In the 12th century the building reconstruction began. The name of the sanctuary, Gibilmanna, comes from the "Manna" obtained from the nearby ash forest, and from "Gebel" the Arab word for the mount. For this reason, the place was called Gebel-El-Man, or rather Manna mount.

Inside the sanctuary is located the Fra Giammaria from Tusa museum, set in the ancient monastery stables. Nowadays restored, the museum hosts many artifacts like vestmenst and sacred furnishing donated to Gibilmanna "Gran Signura" (Great Lady). The Fra Gesualdo from Bronte Archive-Library is attached to the museum and preserves ?500 incunabuls and some ?600 and ?700 texts. The documents preserved here allow to reconstruct the sanctuary, the Cefalú diocese and, in general, Sicily history.

History and Archaeology
Gibilmanna, Cefalù
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