G2 – Sentiero Geologico Urbano di Petralia Sottana

G2 - Sentiero Geologico Urbano di Petralia Sottana

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G2 - Sentiero Geologico Urbano di Petralia Sottana

This is a simple route, inside the city and its immediate proximity, that includes scientific aspects (geological, hydrological, paleontological, geomorphological) and ethno-environmental aspects (stone culture, legends, ancient tools, sculptures...).

A journey to discover fossils and geological events, which can be found in pavements, in monuments building stones, in decorations, in outcrops and in caves of the old town.? This represents a different way to approach the historic architecture, the artistic stone processing, the geological history of an area that fascinates geologists, naturalists as well as amateurs.

Landscapes and Geology
History and Archaeology
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Points along the trail
Museo Civico Collisani - Museo Archeologico e del Geopark
The Civic Museum "Antonio Collisani" founded on November 2003 by Petralia Sottana town council is located in...
Sorgenti di Contatto
We find on the right side of Corso Agliata, towards the Cathedral, a series of...
Chiesa Madre - Petralia Sottana
The Petralia Sottana Duomo, dedicated to St. Assunta is located in the old "Pusterna" quarter....
ex Convento dei Riformati
The Former Convent of Reformed Friar Minors, nowadays used as a Palermo University seat or...
Chiesa di San Pietro - Petralia Sottana
We do not know the exact age of the construction of Saint Peter's the Apostle...
Chiesa della Santissima Trinità  (Badia)
Another important religious building and destination for many visitors is undoubtedly the monumental former Dominican...
Albero Monumentale
From the sources of Silva Reformati copious flowing waters created an ideal habitat for the...
Punto di Osservazione - Antica Neviera
In the place where today is located the picturesque gushing fountain of the municipal Pine-wood...
Punto di Osservazione - Grotta "A Vecchia"
In the final location of this itinerary you find various karsic caves among which we...
Trail lenght: 2 Km and 122 meters
Journey time: 1 Hour
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer | Winter
Difficulty: T

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