Museo Civico Collisani – Museo Archeologico e del Geopark

Museo Civico Collisani - Museo Archeologico e del Geopark

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Museo Civico Collisani - Museo Archeologico e del Geopark

The Civic Museum "Antonio Collisani" founded on November 2003 by Petralia Sottana town council is located in the restored locals of the former 15th-century prison. The structure still preserves traces of its original function due to its masterfully intertwined two orders gratings. The museum is made of two floors and is divided into two sections: the Geological section "Geopark della Madonie Giuseppe Torre" and the Archeological one with "Collisani collection". The first consists of more than two hundred million years rocks and fossils that tell a slice of the Madonie area geological history and run by Giuseppe Torre, a geologist from Petralia. Other than a section devoted entirely to the "Cave of Vecchiuzzo", inside the museum is located the prestigious Collisani collection, a vast repertoire of prehistoric vascular productions, numerous terracotta figurines (archaic, Hellenistic, Hellenistic and post), Attic red and black figures vases and a wide range of glass paste productions. Finally, a showcase is dedicated to metal artifacts such as silver and bronze ones.

Landscapes and Geology
History and Archaeology
Corso Paolo Agliata, 100 - 90027 Petralia Sottana (PA)
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