602 – Sentiero Case Marcatagliastro – Gole di Tiberio

602 - Sentiero Case Marcatagliastro - Gole di Tiberio

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602 - Sentiero Case Marcatagliastro - Gole di Tiberio

The dirt road goes slightly downhill in a hilly environment, along the bed of the river "Torrente di Castelbuono", where stand out oleanders, poplar trees, almond trees, ash trees, cork trees and it's always dominated by peaks and forests ranging from Pizzo Dipilo mountain to the west, Carbonara mountain in the south-west; Pizzo Catarineci in the south, the lush forest of Bosco Cava to the south-east.Going around the slopes of the Cozzo Pippidate (557 meters above sea level), you'll reach Case Marcatagliastro (284 mamsl), an agropastoral complex composed of two buildings with a large courtyard in the front, which can be accessed through two arches joining the two extremes of the buildings. Taken the trail, you descend through on olive grove and then through a citrus grove to the river Pollina. You'll be immersed in a beautiful landscape characterized by the flourishing of riparian vegetation, big boulders shaped by the strenght of the river, small lakes and the incessant flow of the water, until you'll reach, after less than a km, the gorgeous Gole del Fiume Pollina (Gorges of the River Pollina). These gorges, unique of the whole territory of the Madonie and deeply engraved in time from the raging waters of the river, are extraordinary from an environment and naturalistic point of view. The smooth and overhanging walls are an ideal habitat for many plant and animal species, especially birds, typical of the rocky environments. The gorges, always crossed by the waters, are not practicable on foot, but in spring and summer with an inflatable boat you can easily "navigate" on the placid and clean waters that creep throughout their length.

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Gole di Tiberio
The Gorges of Tiberius are a hidden corner of nature in the Madonie Park. The...
Trail lenght: 1 Km and 779 meters
Journey time: 1 Hour
Return Journey time: 1 Hour
Trailhead elevation: 281 m/slm
End of the trail elevation: 89 m/slm
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer
Difficulty: E
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The gorges can be crossed through an inflatable boat just by contacting Madonie Outdoor association.

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