Terme Romane ed Ipogei

Terme Romane ed Ipogei

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Terme Romane ed Ipogei

The buried city
Amongst the myths of Castellana the story has it that in the Muratore area in the olden days there was a city that the popular tradition calls Mora and the legend describes as destroyed by a cataclysm and after buried by a flood.
In fact, from the data collected through archaeological excavations, we know that a town really existed and that it was destroyed by a cataclysm.
Then it was buried by some alluvional deyritus carried by the fluvial water which in this area appear to be periodical and significant.In some spots, where the archaeologists unearthed the remains of some buildings, we can mark that the warps covering the walls, are thick more than a metre.

The tombs in the stone
In the archaeological area of Muratore three hypogean sites were uncov- ered. They were made-up of big stony blocks of calcareous composition. Hollowed within some inhumation tombs, the biggest of which is situated in the basement of the museum.

The Roman Baths
The Baths are made-up of a building that has the size of 19 m per 20 m and represents one of the few up to now uncovered in Sicily of the roman period.
From the outside walls it is possible to find the frigidarium area, where there is also a kind of corridor delimited by thick walls perfectly aligned and the calidarium area. Here it is possible to distinguish the curved walls with a mass concrete floor.

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