Ponte San Brancato

Ponte San Brancato

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Ponte San Brancato

San Brancato bridge represents a very pictoresque place. Here the stone arch that straddles the Mandarini stream,by reflecting itself in the "Gorga" (the big sheet of water formed under the bridge), creates a "wonderful postcard landscape" that take us back to days gone by. The mountain road and the bridge had a big importance in the past because they formed part of the ancient "trazzere regge". The fact that the flow of water is continuous all year,meant that the "gorga" of San Brancato became an alternative way to refresh oneself in summer, specially on very hot days.

Rock of Sant'Otiero
This rock locally known as "U vazu di S. Otiero" rises out in the centre of a charming landscape, it is exclusive in its kind, due to its particular morphology and for the types of rocks that it is composed of. In fact the central body of the Cozzo is constituted of dolomitic-limestones lithologies in tectonic contact with the upper "fossiliferous" limestones-marls of the Triassic age (beds of Lamellibranchi to Halobia species),that produces his cap and also with the "Numidian deposits" below. The resulting morphology is unique too. Cozzo S.Otiero seems like a whitish tooth coming out from an argillaceous numidian substratum slightly mottled by a multitude of colour which go from a shade of brown to a yellowish shade, going through red or purplish-blue tones.

The" Cataratte" springs
They are one of the most importants water sources of central-northern Sic- ily. Even though the waters were channelled through "artificial picking-up of the waters"into the municipal pipes of Petralia, they still have a particular charm due to the typology of rocks which are found in areas fulls of fos- sils and for their particular tectonic aspect.

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