Chiesa di San Giacomo – Sclafani Bagni

Chiesa di San Giacomo - Sclafani Bagni

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Chiesa di San Giacomo - Sclafani Bagni

San Giacomo church in Sclafani Bagni is located near San Filippo church, below the village square. It is a three-nave church, with stucco and frescoes of great beauty and historical interest. The stuccoes were made in different times and by different artists from Giacomo Serpotta school. The church is currently closed to worship due to its precarious conditions and has unknown origin. The first document that mentions the church is from 1573 and concerns the frescoes realization although it is probable that the San Giacomo cult had been introduced during the previous century by the Aragonese, of which he was militias patron. In 1628 they were realized several remodelling works of the arches of the aisles and in 1598 and in 1611 the works for the bell tower took place.d

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