Caccamo is a hill village of medieval origins, with an economy based on traditional agricoltural and craft activities. The area of Caccamo is characterized by harsh views and an irregular profile with great variations in elevation. The inhabited core is located at the slopes of Mount San Calogero mountain connected through small roads graven into the rock. Caccamo historical origins are very uncertain because the documents mentioning the town are very few.

According to the historian Inveges, the town foundation should be ascribed to Carthaginians, who took refuge in this place after the distruction of Himera (the ancient city whose remains are situated in the present territory of Termini Imerese) by the hand of Gelone, Siracusa tyrant.

Also traces of Byzantine passage have been found and the name of some toponyms and some districts suggest an arab presence. In 1094 Caccamo was donated to the Normans and given as fiefdom to Jeffrey de Sageyo. The village currently appears like a medieval place dominated by the Castle (the biggest of Sicily) situated in the oldest part of Caccamo, on the hilltop.

Adjacent municipalities
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