MTB1 – Percorso Piano Battaglia

MTB1 - Percorso Piano Battaglia

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MTB1 - Percorso Piano Battaglia

From Piano Zucchi picnic area, after 8 km of paved road you will reach Piano Battaglia: along this road you can see a small lake where sometimes seagulls come from the sea to rest, and after 1 km there is a spring water fountain. The altitude difference is more than 600 meters. Continuing on the SP 119 passing Battaglietta, a karst area rich in sinkholes, and you arrive above Piano Battaglia. Through an off-road trail you will arrive to a natural terrace from which it is possible to admire, when there is no haze, the Etna and the Aeolian. Through a bit challenging downhill you get inside Piano Battaglia, a grazing area during the summer, and you will begin this geological trail, that after a clay trail at the beginning, it becomes a maximum difficulty path, challenging the Anfiteatro Quacella limestones for 300mt. From here the trail leads back to the paved road and to Piano Zucchi.

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Trail lenght: 21 Km
Journey time: 8 Hours
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer
Difficulty: E

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