563 – Sentiero Portella Mandarini

563 - Sentiero Portella Mandarini

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563 - Sentiero Portella Mandarini

From provincial road n. 54 you get into a dirt road that runs for about 700 m until you reach the Marcato D'Alfano junction. The trail passes through a holly grove along Pizzo Argentiera slopes, from where you reach a large clearing where the San Cosimano small church arise. Through a series of ups and downs you go through San Licciardi, San Cosimano and Piano Fiducia valleys: Along this route you can enjoy beautiful Geraci Siculo and Castelbuono views. Arriving near Cozzo Giardinello you get into a little road that climbs allowing to reach the SS. Trinità majestic stone fountain built by Ventimiglia family which is located at the village entrance.

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Landscapes and Geology
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Trail lenght: 13 Km and 222 meters
Journey time: 5 Hours
Return Journey time: 3 Hours
Trailhead elevation: 1034 m/slm
End of the trail elevation: 1309 m/slm
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer
Difficulty: E

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