559 – Sentiero Abisso del Vento – Isnello

559 - Sentiero Abisso del Vento - Isnello

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559 - Sentiero Abisso del Vento - Isnello

The Abyss of the Wind is located in the Isnello area, at the base of Cozzo Balatelli, in the A zone of Madonie Park. The first reports of the cave go back centuries at which time C. Grisanti reported a strong sound of water which could be heard by placing one's ear to the rock over the cave. This sound, produced by a strong flow of air passing through the first narroq passage near the entrance of the cave, is the characteristic which gives the cave its name. The first explorations of the interior were carried our in 1972 by some cavers of the Club Alpino Italiano of Cefalù. During these explorations a grave from the Early Enolitico period and important archeological finds were identified near the entrance. The cave began to assume an important role in the caving world of Sicily when it comes to the attention of several caving groups from Palermo, Catania, Ragusa and also Versilia. Today the Abisso del Vento is one of the more complex and larger Sicilian caves, it is about 2 km long and 220 meters deep. The Abisso del Vento cave is composed by several overlapping levels of galleries and big chambers, joined by vertical walls. The pattern cave is strongly influenced by the orientation of the main fractures as can be seen from the sub-orthogonal dispositions of the galleries. Some of these places are enlarged by breakdown phenomena, in other areas morphologies caused by water flow are clearly visible. Today there is no water floq in the cave. A range of wonderful speleo-therms as white stalactites, stalafmites, soda straw and flowstone are present especially in the deep branches of the cave. Notable also are important "terra rossa" deposits which are still being studied.

Because of its characteristics and difficulties only expert cavers can enter into the cave. The entrance of the cave is locate on a private ownership.

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The Abisso del Vento (Abyss of the wind) is located in the Isnello municipality at...
Trail lenght: 1 Km and 982 meters
Journey time: 1 Hour
Return Journey time: 1 Hour
Trailhead elevation: 630 m/slm
End of the trail elevation: 801 m/slm
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer | Winter
Difficulty: EEA
Useful informations

Accessible only to allowed cavers (minimum 4 people). Available on request by contacting the bar near the entrance.

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  • Caving equipment

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