Museo Civico “F. Minà  Palumbo”

Museo Civico "F. Minà  Palumbo"

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Museo Civico "F. Minà  Palumbo"

The naturalist Francesco Miná Palumbo Civic Museum preserves finds from every Madonie area, finds that the naturalist himself collected during his studies on the territory between 1837 and 1899, regarding flora and fauna, geology, prehistory, history, agriculture and industry. These finds show a complete picture of the natural and anthropic history of the territory, from its origins to the last century. The Miná Palumbo collection represents the main resource for all the researchers interested in the Madonie territory and for everyone who wants to understands this land problems or wants to use it as tool for scientific studies or environmental education.

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History and Archaeology
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