Museo Civico di Caltavuturo

Museo Civico di Caltavuturo

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Museo Civico di Caltavuturo

The Caltavutro Geopark museum is located in the cloister locals and on the first floor of San Francesco convent, where the municipality civic Museum is also located.

The museum complex is divided into four sections: the archeological section, located at the ground floor; the Sacred Art section (under construction), the Museo dell' Opera dei Pupi section and a geological section dedicated to the geopark Rock of Sciara, located on the first floor. The restoration laboratories and locals designated for cultural activities are also enclosed in the museum.


The archeological section preserves the remains from the Monte Riparato site and from Caltavuturo territory, such as ceramic artifacts, a numismatic collection of roman silver coins and most of all the very important classical greek style "Phiale aurea".

The Sacred Art section preserves and expose sacred artifacts such as vestments, goldsmith' s art, furnishing and ancient liturgical texts; the section Opera dei Pupi, divided into six thematic itineraries, contains several hundred of pieces from Palermo school of Opera dei pupi, scene sheeting  (signs, scenarios, seabed), and the reconstruction of a laboratory for "pupi" production with tools and materials; lastly, the geological section divided in three halls entirely painted in green, is dedicated to the knowledge of geopark Rock of Sciara itinerary and other geopark itineraries inside the Madonie.

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