Chiesa Matrice Vecchia – Castelbuono

Chiesa Matrice Vecchia - Castelbuono

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Chiesa Matrice Vecchia - Castelbuono

The church is dedicated to Maria Assunta. Its construction took place in 1362, during Francesco II Ventimiglia dominion and originally did not present the portico which was added during the XVI century. The construction presents an unusual element for a church: the battlements in Ghibelline style. In fact, the Ventimiglia family, during the fight among Guelphs and Ghibellines, sided for the second ones. A fourth nave was added to the original three, for capacity and space reasons. Over the main altar is located a magnificent polyptych dedicated to Virgin Mary, made in 1520 by Antonello De Saliba, Antonello da Messina nephew, on top of whom is represented the wooden Eternal Father who rules the world.
In the polyptych is shown a painting of a Patriarch with glasses, a very rare detail for a sacred painting. Also very important are: a marble Ciborium made by Master Giorgio from Milan in XVI century, a Crypt under the Presbytery, where the Sacrament was hosted.
In two niches is it possible to admire the statue of Santa Maria degli Angeli, 1520, made by Antonello Gagini, and the statue of Madonna del Carmelo, 1500, made by Bartolomeo Berrettaro. Remains of a fresco can be seen one the prospectus wall, under the portico. The Church entrance portal is very relevant because it shows an original gothic-Catalan sculpture from XIV century.


History and Archaeology
Piazza Margherita, 90013 Castelbuono (PA)
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