Chiesa Madre – Polizzi Generosa

Chiesa Madre - Polizzi Generosa

Chiesa Madre - Polizzi Generosa

The church was deeply altered over the centuries, mostly on 1690. Inside the church can be found many relevant artworks.  The most important work is the Flemish Trittico Pittorico, considered to be the most beautiful painting of whole Sicily, ascribed either to Memling, or Van Eyche or Van der Weyden. In the front is located the great Trittico della Visitazione, the 16th century artwork made by the Spanish painter Joan Matta, together with two tempera and oil canvas made by the same artist: La Strage degli Innocenti e il Martirio dei Diecimila Martiri. Can also be found the marble statue Madonna con Bambino made by Domenico Gagini and a painting representing the Trionfo dell'Eucarestia e the Natività del Signore made by Gangi cripple.

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