Chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesù – Termini Imerese

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesù - Termini Imerese

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Chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesù - Termini Imerese

The Saint Mary of Jesus Church, also known as "Gancia", was built in 1472 outside the city walls in an area owned by the family Bruno, along with the friars minor of the observance convent. Initially the building consisted of two aisles, but today it is a nave with a barrel vault and side altars. In 1866 the convent was used as a police station and the church as a warehouse. Only in 1903 it returned to the hands of the monks who built the surrounding environments close to the church to use it again as a convent.

Inside the church you can find a canvas made by Niccolò da Voltri in the fourteenth century, depicting St. George slaying the dragon, a marble statue of the sixteenth century by Giorgio da Milano, portraying Santa Maria di Gesù, which is a wooden statue of the Ecce Homo by an unknown 16th-century author, a relief dated 1480 attributed to Domenico Gagini, numerous other artworks such as wooden statues, paintings and stained glass windows.

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