Chiesa di Santa Caterina di Alessandria – Termini Imerese

Chiesa di Santa Caterina di Alessandria - Termini Imerese

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Chiesa di Santa Caterina di Alessandria - Termini Imerese

Among the artistic and architectural masterpieces of the 14th Century, one of particular interest is the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church. It presents an austere facade, perhaps once decorated, including a sandstone portal with a simple pointed archway. This is topped with an icon supported by Telamons and depicting the Holy Mary between two adoring angels.

The interior has a rectangular nave with entirely frescoed walls. The frescoes covering the walls of the room are the most interesting element of the church. A series of paintings of the life of Holy Mary unanimously attributed to the brothers Giacomo e Nicolò Graffeo Spalletta from Caccamo.
Performed in the last decades of the fifteenth century and in the first half of the following century, the series consists of a sequence of rectangular panels arranged in two superimposed orders and framed by architectural elements, which are also paintings: a succession of vertical pilasters with capitals and a horizontal continuous band which represents a frieze containing captions in Sicilian dialect.
The covering of the ceiling, with wooden trusses, and the ?cotto? floor tiles were recently built, like the last restoration of the walls and the frescoes that have made the church again accessible only lately.

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