Chiesa del Convento di S.Maria di Gesù di Alimena

Chiesa del Convento di S.Maria di Gesù di Alimena

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Chiesa del Convento di S.Maria di Gesù di Alimena

The construction of the Chiesa del Convento di Santa Maria Gesú started in 1731 and was completed in 1738 by the will of Vincenzo del Bosco, Belvedere prince. Designed by master engineer Father Sebastiano from Petralia to be made with only one nave, according to the rule of the friars.

The church facade is similar to the one of Chiesa Madre di S.M. Maddalena, with a three cusps portal and a single overlying window. The bell tower is situated on the right back side of the church. The inside presents a baroque style, with fine sculptures on the chorus wooden benches and a high altar adorned with angels, saints, Franciscan friars and faithful in prayer in front of the Virgin.

The vault is decorated with a reproduction of Saint Francis stigmatas in a picture by Gentile da Fabriano. In the side altars there are fine wooden statues and a beautifull crucifix by unknown author, probably a frair. On the first level is located a great library with wooden shelves, a private chapel, the prisons and a guesthouse. Overall the Frati Minori Riformati had at their disposal 48 rooms, even if nowdays just the church, of this huge complex, remains. Also the bell tower was destroyed because, rather than restore it, the nuns preferred to raze it to the ground, to build in its place the new college.

This building was described by Jean-Claude Richard de Saint-Non, author of "Voyage pittoresque ou Description des Royaumes de Naples ed de Sicile", as one of the most beautifull convents in Sicily, having also a beautifull cloister.

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