Chiesa del Collegio di Maria di Geraci Siculo

Chiesa del Collegio di Maria di Geraci Siculo

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Chiesa del Collegio di Maria di Geraci Siculo

The College of Mary was built in 1738, the first one in Messina diocese, thanks to license of the prelate don Tommaso de Vichel. Its "life" was very difficult. In the foundation year, two founder teachers came to Geraci from the Collegio di Maria in Monreale: Sister Marianna Viviano, later elected mother superior, and sister Gioacchina Vitale, later elected vicar. The two first collegiates entered in July the 6 1738. The 26 of July of the same year, in occasion of St. Anne celebration, the Blessed Sacrament was brought with a solemn procession from the mother church to the Collegio di Maria. The church is composed of a single nave in Baroque style. It was restored in 1976. Its marble stone facade was realised in XVIII century.


INSCRIPTION: On plaster. Located on the roof. Written words:  "VENITE FILII, AUDITE ME: TIMOREM DOMINI DOCEBO VOS 1774"

PAINTING:  Representation of the Madonna of the Rosary. XVII century.

TELA: Representation of Nativity. In the lower left margin can be read: "ANNO DOMINI 1651 D. MARIANUS FRAXANO ARCH. ETATIS ANNI XXXVII SUIS SUMPTIBUS HOC OPUS FIERI FECIT. This painting comes from the mother curch.

ABSE PAINTING: Representation the Virgin Mary Coronation by Holy Trinity 1774.

VIA CRUCIS: English printings.

FRONTAL ALTAR PALIOTTO: Red background embroidered with multicolored floral motifs. At the center is located Mary symbol with an M as crown.

PAINTING: Representation of Madonna del Carmelo. n the lower margin can be read "SAC. JACOBUS DOMINA BENEFACTOR D.O.M. 1785.

ALTAR: Wooden altar with inlays

CROCIFIX: Painted on wood from XVII century.

STATUE: representation of S. Michael the Archangel. Wooden polychrome sculpture from half of XVII century. Unknown Sicilian author.

Every noun of the Collegio di Maria has in its own cell a wax "Baby Jesus" with a cradle. Some of them were made by local artisans in 1700 and ornamented with corals and laces.

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