Castello di Terravecchia

Castello di Terravecchia

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Castello di Terravecchia

On top of Terravecchia cliff, a rocky plateau 703 mt high overlooking the present town of Caltavuturo, is located the Caltavuturo castle, placed in the site of "terra vecchia", the old medieval town. The castle, originally surrounded by walls, nowadays presents the remains of some basements and of two clerical buildings, surrounded by a thick forest, created thanks to the works of reforestation occurred during the second half of 900'.

The perimeter walls, 7-10 mt high and 1,5-2 mt thick, are still visible, with the exception of the southern wall and three towers, two rectangular and one semicircular. The walls were realized with shapeless and coarsely hewn calcareous stone, cemented with the mortar, while the angles at every corner are made of square blocks.

Unfortunately, the lack of documents does not allow to understand how the manor has been built and so is impossible to distinguish open and indoor area and accesses. The presence of beams fragments inside some holes, proves the existence of locals with wooden walkways or attics, while some traces of stone vaults can be seen inside the remaining towers.

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