Castello dei Ventimiglia e Museo Civico

Castello dei Ventimiglia e Museo Civico

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Castello dei Ventimiglia e Museo Civico

The Castelbuono Civic Museum is located in the Castle (property of Ventimiglia family). It is the Cultural Institution which preserves and enhances the municipality monumental, historical, artistic, literary and anthropologic heritage. The tour starts from the rooms of the greatest archeological importance and from the reconstruction of the Castle history through ancient artifacts and documents, together with an exhibition of the town historic memory.
The first floor hosts the modern and contemporary art gallery, whose main core is represented by Dott. Luigi Di Piazza donation, which includes 35 artworks, like paintings and sculptures from 1965 to 1993, among which works of Bardi, Cagli, Carmassi, Schifano, Ortega.

The second-floor hosts, besides the Sant'Anna Chapel with its fine stuccos made by Giacomo Serpotta, the exposition of palatine chapel sacred treasures and furnishing, while the reception hall it' s the home to literary meetings, concerts and other cultural events.

History and Archaeology
Piazza Castello, 90013 Castelbuono PA
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