Casa Museo Piccione d’Avola

Casa Museo Piccione d'Avola

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Casa Museo Piccione d'Avola

The House-Museum is a private collection established through ethnographic and demographic studies and researches made by Vincenzo Piccione, on a regional a national level. All exhibits come from private and family acquisitions; in fact, the House-Museum also preserves disparate memorabilia and objects belonged to one of the most ancient family in Avola. The founder of the museum, heir of his family goods and traditions, wanted to collect and expose all of his heredity, along with his nativity scene (Crib) collection; in fact, the House-Museum is well known in Sicily as "Sicilian Museum of the Crib"Among the House-Museum collections stand out the wax baby Christ, votive plaster and terracotta statues and some old sacred images. The collections can be divided into such sections: terracottas, chalks, waxes, oils. The collection main core consists in a series of artistic and handcrafted presepio, several ethnohistorical artefacts and remains of Sicilian material culture.

History and Archaeology
Viale Europa 15/17, 90030 Geraci Siculo (PA)
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