Petralia Soprana

It is supposed that the origins of Petralia date back to the times of the ancient Petra, a city founded by Sicani. We have some proofs only from the third centuty b.C., on the background of the war between the Romans and the Carthaginians. In 254 b.C. during the first Punic War, the Petrini accepted the Roman consuls inside the town, switching from the Carthaginian domain to the Roman one. Petra became one of the "civitas decumanae", a city that has to pay annual tithe tributes. It soon became one of the main suppliers of grain in the Empire. During the 9th century it was conquered by the Arabs and was renamed Batraliah. In 1062 it was conquered by Normans, Count Ruggero fortified the castle, towers and the existing bastions. In 1067 thanks to the count another castle was built, outside the walls, and on the northern side a church entitled to St. Theodore. In 1258 it was owned by the county of Ventimiglia from Geraci and in 1396 by the county of Collesano, then by the Centelles of Cardona and finally by the Moncada and the Alvarez de Toledo.

Adjacent municipalities
Alimena, Blufi, Bompietro, Gangi, Geraci Siculo, Petralia Sottana


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