Since prehistory the the place where Gangi rose has been inhabited: in the Gangi river valley, in fact, some Neolithic tombs can be found. There are traces of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arab settlements. The present town of Gangi was probably rebuilt on Monte Marone in 1300, after the destruction of the previous one during the War of the Sicilian Vespers in 1299; but according to several sicilian scholars, the original Gangi town was never destroyed, as proved by a document of May 1299. For this reason it formed the hypothesis of a Norman foundation of Gangi. Anyway, in the beginning of 1100 Gangi entered the Geraci lord feud: Barnavilla family, de Craon family, de Candida family and lastly the Ventimiglia family.

Gangi was the birthplace of many artist well known all over Sicily, such as the painters Gaspare Vazzano, also known as the Cripple of Gangi, Giuseppe Salerno, the Baroque sculptor Filippo Quattrocchi, the poet Giuseppe Fedele Vitale. Lastly, being part of the association "Borghi piú belli d´Italia" (Most beautiful towns in Italy), Gangi won the prize "Borgo dei borghi 2014".

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