In the will of the feudal lord Matteo Scalfani, in 1333, it is written that he bought the fief and the hamlet of Rachalminusi, whose name contains the prefix "rachal" that means village or hamlet in Arabic. From the first half of 300 the fief of Rachalminusa entered the Scalfani shire, one of the biggest and more strategically important of all Sicily, which included overall 24 feuds.

A paper from XV century, called Terrae Harminusae, speaks of the fief changing its name from Rachaliminusa to Harminusae, terminology still used. In 1620 Scalfani county was dismembered giving birth to the municipalities of Aliminusa, Scillato, Scalfani and Valledolmo. Then the barons obtained the right to establish new towns in their own feuds to increase the production of grain and to sustain the high increase of population occurred in Sicily.

In 1625 the fief of Larminusa was bought by Don Gregorio Bruno, who paid to obtain the license to build and populate a new town called Sant´Anna. In 1654 the name Aliminusa appeared referring to the center arisen nearby Sant´Anna church.

Adjacent municipalities
Caccamo, Cerda, Montemaggiore Belsito, Sciara, Sclafani Bagni


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