601 – Sentiero Gratteri – Isnello passando da Pizzo Dipilo

601 - Sentiero Gratteri - Isnello passando da Pizzo Dipilo

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601 - Sentiero Gratteri - Isnello passando da Pizzo Dipilo

This trail links the towns of Gratteri and Isnello. The route starts by crossing the Grotta Gattara green park, located near the town. Meandering uphill inside the pine forest, you reach the spectacular cave itself, located at Pizzo Dipilo extreme slopes, whose name has helped giving name to Gratteri town.

After the cave you reach a stretch of open road, where on the right there is the Pizzo Dipilo mountain base, that is mostly barren and composed by steep and greyish rocks of limestone and dolomite origin, that shows clear traces of karst phenomena, whose best-known examples are the Grotta dei Panni located at 1190 meters above sea level and the Grotta dell'Appesa located on the terraces at 900 meters of elevation. Pizzo Dipilo, 1,385 meters tall, is a difficult and challenging hike due to the valleys width and to the lack of marked access and paths. Its commonly inhospitable appearance is very different during spring, when narcissi and euphorbia bloom with their bright colours.

After passing Pizzo Dipilo, you will reach "Querceto Isnello" one of Madonie largest and most intact forest areas. Consisting predominantly of oaks, holms and some old and impressive corks, it has a fair impenetrability rate, mostly in the slope that runs down the road from Collesano to Isnello.

Landscapes and Geology
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Trail lenght: 8 Km and 438 meters
Journey time: 5 Hours
Return Journey time: 4 Hours
Trailhead elevation: 1034 m/slm
End of the trail elevation: 676 m/slm
Recommended seasons: Autumn | Spring | Summer
Difficulty: E

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