San Mauro Castelverde

Castle or fortress of the inland, the Castrum Sancti Mauri, has ancient origins. It seems it was built in the Bizantine period, although some historians tell about this urban center in Arab period. With the Normans in 1082, the Castle of San Mauro is part of the diocese of Troina, gifted by Count Ruggero.

The Castle was related to the fate of the noble Ventimiglia family, Marquis of Geraci who ruled from 1296 to 1812. In 1394 Fernando Lopez de Luna was the owner of the Castle, but still there is no certain date about its history. Anyhow, it perfect seaside position between the Nebrodi and Madonie mountains, outlined by the watershed that separates the two tributaries of the Monalo-Pollina and Calabrò rivers on one side and the Buonanotte on the other side, was certainly noticed in the ancient times: that's why in the Vatican Museums there is the Mount Mauro on a Sicily map.           

Adjacent municipalities
Gangi, Castel di Lucio (ME), Castelbuono, Geraci Siculo, Pettineo (ME), Pollina, Tusa (ME)
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