Commissioned by Giuseppe di Napoli, the village was founded on the land of the fief of Rachilepri and officially built on June 7th 1627. Its first inhabitants were mostly from the near centers of Madonie, especially the two Petralie. Its population increased, but the inhabitants, basically artesans and farmers, used to be threatened by aristocrats and notables, at the point that the prince Federico, during his visit in Resuttano from 14th November 1761 until 3rd April 1762, wrote a real code of the rules for the precise and correct administration of justice, in order to help the people avoid be threatened by owners and rich ones. In those years and also in the following ones, the settlers used to struggle, the resources were basically artisanal or coming from farms and in such conditions there were lots of famines, and every thirty years the plague used to show up. In 1650 the village counted 404 inhabitants, divided in 115 families. Feudalism ended only in 1812, the aristocracy disappeared, big properties and patrimonies fell quickly apart, benefiting the small province aristocracy and especially "gabellotti", those who rented the land.

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Alimena, Blufi, Bompietro, Petralia Sottana, Santa Caterina Villarmosa
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