According to some historians, Pollina seems to be the modern heir of Apollonia, a city of Magna Grecia. There are, however, no finds that corroborate this hypotesis.

The first documented proof of Pollina date back to the Norman times. In 1082, by order of Ruggero I Count of Sicily, the hamlet of Polla was included in the new diocese, based in Troina until 1096 and in Messina during the following years. In 1131 Ruggero II founded the diocese of Cefalù, under the jurisdiction of which Pollina was included as a fief of the Bishops of Cefalù until 1321, when it was then given with its Castle and all its appurtenances, to Francesco Ventimiglia, Count of Geraci. The rest is recent history, very similar to that of other many other small Sicilian municipalities.

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Castelbuono, Cefalù, San Mauro Castelverde
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