The modern Collesano is a norman town founded at the behest of King Ruggero between 1130 and 1140. However, the origin of the town can be found on the mount which dominates the Western Collesano: Monte d´Oro, where there are many ruins of an ancient arab village. During Norman age, Golisano (or Collesano) became an important feudal center in a territory stretching from Roccella to the Madonie interior. The town started its urban development from the first settlement of Bagherino (where nowdays the castle stands).

In the 12th century, after the War of the Sicilian Vespers and after several passages of property, the town was given to Siracusa Family, and then was incorporated to Ventimiglia family possessions and from there, because of some political double, to Centelles family, one of the many aristocratic spanish families which will uninterruptedly hold it until the 18th century. The centuries ranging from '500 to 700 were important times for Collesano. During this time period, in fact, corresponding to Cardona, Moncada and Aragona families domination, the town knew a remarkable economic, demographic and urban development. Also during these times, Collesano acquired many monuments and artworks and developed an important ceramics industry for which is still popular nowdays.

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Campofelice di Roccella, Cerda, Gratteri, Isnello, Lascari, Scillato, Termini Imerese
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