In the present Cerda area is located an hamlet called Calcusa, which was part of Golisano County. In 1430, it was detached from the County by the king Alphonse V, called the Magnanimous, son of Ferdinando the First of Aragon, and ceded to count of Geraci, Giovanni Ventimiglia through the authorization of count Gilberto Centelles.

Giovanni heir, Luciano Ventimiglia, lord of Castronuovo in 1453, sold the fief, with a right of redemption within 20 years, to Antonio de Simone Andrea. For the two successive centuries the fief belonged to Bardi family. In 1526 king Charle V allowed to reunite Calcusa fief people in the "Fondaco Novo". A new town, called Taverna Nuova or Fondaco Nuovo, was founded to serve as a way station for people entrering the Madonie park or going to Sicily interior lands. After Bardi family the fief passed to San Esteban y de la Cerda family, from whom the present town, become municipality in XIX century, took its name.

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