Campofelice di Roccella

In 1699 "Roccella" hamlet was established on a hill nearby the Roccella castle thanks to the Licentia Popolandi, which is the concession of the privilege to populate a fief in the Kingdom of Sicily, granted by the prince of Palermo don Gaspare La Grutta Guccio. After obtaining the fief, the prince built hundred of houses, fourteen craft shops, a water source and the church dedicated to Santa Rosalia. Later the village was sold to the Marziani family, which held it for the subsequent century.

Campofelice di Roccella is located near the sea and thanks to a long beach, develops an high demografic centralization during summer time, arriving to 40.000 inhabitants. For this reason, the most relevant economic activity is the tourism, but also agricoltural and construction sectors are developed too, with the latter mostly related to seasonal tourism.

Adjacent municipalities
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