In 1400 the territory of Bompietro was donated to the Spanish family Ferradina, which ceded the lands to the farmers that fertilized them. Those people lived in caves dug into the sandstone, whose ruins are still visible in Contrada Salerna. In 1500 those farmers started to build the first houses on the now owned land: this is proved by the fact that often Bompietro hamlets take their name from the first family who settled the area.

The name Bompietro recalls, even if not certainly, from some "Pietro", a very good man who lived in Bompietro most ancient hamlet, Gurraia. Or maybe the name might be related to the painting of S.S. Pietro e Paolo which was placed on the church altar and that is said was given by Petralia Soprana inhabitants.

Adjacent municipalities
Alimena, Blufi, Gangi, Petralia Soprana, Villarosa (EN)
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