Blufi is situated in a part of the Madonie southern slope, in a land included between the municipalities of Gangi and Alimena. There is little information about the origin of Blufi. The name of the village appeared in a document dated 1211, when the church of Palermo gave Frederick II the "Buluf" possessions, a small village located near Petralia (Proedia Buluph apud Petraliam). In 1482, the name "Morata Bufali" appeared in a will, while the toponym with some minor variations appeared in several other documents (Belufi, Bolufi, Balufi). Finally the name Blufi officially appeared in a document regarding the Santuario della Madonna dell´Olio. The name probably came from the greek words "boos" (ox) and "lofos" (hill), or from arab "be" and "luf", which recall a local plant. In any case Blufi was a fraction of Petralia Soprana municipality until 1972.

Adjacent municipalities
Alimena, Bompietro, Gangi, Petralia Soprana, Petralia Sottana, Resuttano (CL)
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